Sustainable Life

Our campus has wide goals and priorities in the areas of climate change, environmental justice, water conservation, waste management, energy efficiency, and clean energy, green transportation, and pursue initiatives of sustainability applications for teaching, research, work, and lives. 

We are known as change-makers for a sustainable future with outreach efforts on our campus.

What we do...

-have implemented the first Building Integrated Photovoltaic System project (BIPV) 

-various recycling activities such as plastic bottles, clothes donation, collecting used papers and batteries, aluminum cans, etc.

-More than 90% of our buildings on campus are equipped with thermal insulation on the roofs

-having the largest Solar Energy project on the island that helps to mitigate 470 tons of Carbon monoxide per year.

-Research projects on solar energy, certification, and education programs under the Sustainable Energy Research Center (SERC) since 2009. 

-We are the first university in Northern Cyprus ranked in the UI GreenMetric World Rankings since 2018. 

-We are Nature cafe is established with the idea of a group of graduate and undergraduate students to be a tool to reduce waste and plastic pollution on campus.  

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